Testing for Chemotherapy Sensitivity


This is what everybody wants to know?  What generally happens is that there are "known" chemotherapies that work for different types of cancers.  For example, what may work for lung cancer may not work for breast cancer.

For Triple Negative Breast Cancer, the typical treatment is a combination of 3 drugs (FEC) and then a Taxol chemotherapy - although new chemotherapies and immunotherapies are being developed all the time so this will change in time.

That's all well and good but the question is, which will work for me?  Well at the present time, there are several companies that can test your tumour and report back saying which chemotherapies are likely to work and which aren't. 

These tests are NOT cheap and as far as I'm aware, they're not yet available on the NHS.  A typical cost is around £5,000 and it takes between 4-6 weeks for the result to be sent back to the oncologist.  The good thing about these tests are that it cuts down on having a chemotherapy that may not work.

The testing companies that I have personal knowledge of (through friends having tests) are as follows:

CARIS - based in the US https://www.carismolecularintelligence.com/

ONCOFOCUS - based in the UK https://www.oncologica.com/oncofocus/

RGGC - based in Germany (I have no personal knowledge of this company) https://www.rgcc-group.com/index.php

The following test was carried out on my tumour and in 2016 it was around £2,000 but it only tests for sensitivity for the Platin range of chemotherapies as they work in a slightly different way. 

MYRIAD MY CHOICE - https://myriad.com/products-services/companion-diagnostics/mychoice-hrd/

I hope this helps.