What does a double mastectomy look like with implants 2.5 years on (A) ?

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It's now almost 2.5 years on from my original double mastectomy with implants and so I thought I’d show you what implants look like down the line.  Now to be fair I’ve put on over two stone since having them so my op on Tuesday is to remove extra flab around the boob area, make my nipples symmetrical again and hopefully remove my lumpectomy scar which is causing the problem to one of the nipples.  Also the nips will be moved higher so I should get perkier looking boobs.

Surely this is vanity?  Well, not quite.  A few months ago I started to get a dull ache in the middle of my chest area.  Of course panic set it - could it be the return of cancer?  After 2.5 hours in an MRI scanner and another 10 minutes having an ultrasound done,  have been given a clean bill of health.  So what's causing the problem?

Currently when I lay down my boobs go a little towards my sides (which is what normal boobs do - I could tuck my old ones under my arms!) but with implants this can pull on the muscles attaching to the chest wall in the middle so tightening them up and pushing together should help to keep them pointing to the sky when I lie down and stop the aching of the muscles pulling. That’s the plan anyway.

The nipples (which are my own nipples that were put back on during my original surgery) have been pulled out of shape because of the lumpectomy scar which makes one higher and looking oval and the other looking more rounded.  The original lumpectomy scar couldn't be completely taken away because there wasn't enough fat at the time - so putting on weight has had its advantages.

Anyway, here they are.  I'll post the revised version once I've healed so you can compare.BL

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