Happy Birthday to my Implants!

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I can't quite believe that it's just over a year since my double mastectomy!  If I had remembered I think I would have celebrated with a boobie cake - but I forgot!!!!  I'm guessing that's a good sign because they are now just part of my body and I don't give them a second thought!

I thought it might be an idea to update my blog with how they're doing and my feelings a year down the line.

So, in terms of what they look like now, they've settled in well and look very natural.  Not quite symmetrical (which if I'm honest does bother me a bit because I love symmetry) but then in the real world boobs don't tend to be identical so I'm probably not being realistic.  I may mention it to my surgeon and see if he can tweak anything but I suspect he'll just tell me to stop nit picking :)  They honestly look incredibly natural - remarkably so! 

After the mastectomy I was so surprised at how quickly I adapted to the implants.  Most of the time I'm not aware of them at all and not having to wear a bra is brilliant!  The only time I'm really aware of them is when I turn over in bed and perhaps lay on my side a bit too aggressively.  I can then feel the implant but it's not uncomfortable and when I first had them, it was far more noticeable.  It's only every now and again.  The only other thing that has happened is that I've developed a small fatty lump to the side of one breast.  I don't think anybody would notice it unless I pointed it out and I think it can be removed with a bit of liposuction or something but it's so small that I think it's best left alone!

The scars have healed nicely and also faded quite a bit.  I reckon in another year they'll be invisible.  The scars are the same as somebody who's had a breast uplift and I think that's what somebody would think if they saw me naked and didn't know my story.

The loss of sensation was something I was prepared for and sometimes I am sad about it BUT not having killer boobs really does balance that out and although it was a price to pay, it was a small price to pay.

I was so concerned about having implants but I'm really glad that this was the choice I went for.

Do I regret it?  No.  Not for one second. 

Happy 1st Birthday Implants!

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