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I was REALLY surprised to know that Oncologists typically say that you should wait 6 months until you dye your hair!  WHAT?  Apparently the thinking behind this is that your body has been assaulted by the chemo and so your new hair may not be as strong as it could be.  Also, most hair dyes contain lots of nasty chemicals (some that MAY encourage cancer).  So, the general thinking is that you should wait.

I've researched alternatives to normal dyes because the thought of 6 months with white/grey hair is NOT something I want to do!  There are natural hair dyes (such as Henna) but these typically only colour your hair red.  I found that the totally natural products were aimed specifically to colour hair red or brown which is no good when you want to be blonde!  The ones I found are:   for henna dyes

I've also found (and this is the product that I'm going to try) Daniel Field's watercolour range.  This is a dye that is free of some of the nasty chemicals - the more aggressive ones - but it does contain some chemicals so it's not as natural as the herbal dyes.  You can use this dye either as a semi or a permanent - depending on how you apply it.

Of course, using any type of dye before the 6 months recommended by Oncologists must be done totally at your own risk.  I know of people who have waited just 4 weeks but others have waited 6 months.  If you have dyed your hair after chemo and can recommend a good product please can you put it as a comment on this bog?

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