Hair Update - 5 weeks post chemo!

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I drive my daughter absolutely potty with weekly "hair watch" where she has to take photos of my hair and scalp so I can zoom in and be disappointed OR be happy!  :)

So here's a catch up and a bit of a look back at how I got here.

As you may know if you've been reading this website, for the first half of my chemo (ie 4 x EC on a 21 day cycle) I cold capped.  I was one of those who unfortunately it didn't work brilliantly for.  I lost about 80% of my hair (more so on the top - think male pattern baldness!).  So for my second half of chemo (12 x weekly Paclitaxel), I decided to ditch the cold cap.  My breast care nurse did tell me that there was a possibility that my hair would grow back during the Paclitaxel and she was right!  It grew, very slowly but it did grow although I still had a huge bald patch on the top with a few sprouting hairs! 

I'm now 5 weeks post chemo and my hair is really quite long!  All over it's about 1.5" but has come back white and grey (OMG!!!!!).  The top has also started to grow and although I still have a few patches were it's much thinner, there's quite a lot of evidence of new hair coming through.

Pre chemo, I had very long hair and naturally it was very wavy and thick but I used to straighten the life out of it so it appeared a lot thinner!  Just before chemo, I had it cut to shoulder length.  Here's a recap:

Hair before chemo

This is how my hair looked after the first 4 rounds of chemo.  Because I looked like a member of Status Quo or Albert Einstein's love child, I thought it best to have it cut so my hairdresser cut it to about 1cm all over with the exception of a few wispy bits of fringe that were clinging on. 


Ok so this is what the top of my head looks like now!  Check out the chemo curl!  Don't get me wrong, I won't go out of the house without my wig still but this is a real improvement on how it was!

Hair 7 Jan 3

So this is what the very top/front looks like - as you can see it's much thinner that the rest of my head:

Hair 7 Jan 1

But look close up!  Ooooooooooooooooooooooo new hair!  It's black!  Ooooooooooooooo!

Hair 7 Jan 2

If you look at photos of chemo patients who haven't cold capped and have lost their hair completely, you'll find that it's at about the 5-6 week stage after chemo that they start to see hair beginning to come through. So the fact that I have so much hair, I can only attribute to having cold capped.  So the torture was obviously worth it!

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