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My changing appearance has created much hilarity with my nearest and dearest (in a kind not cruel way).  I thought I'd share some of the comments that I hope will make you smile!

So, I was experimenting with scarves, came downstairs and hubby took one look at me and said "Alright Tupac"!  Not quite the look I was going for but ............ he has a point!  lol

Michele Tupac Trapiche


Then one of my friends stayed over - well, I call her a friend but you judge for yourself!  lol  It was late in the evening and we were chatting and my head was getting cold so I put on my beanie.  She took one look at me and said "you look like Wee Willie Winkie"!  Charming lol

Michele Wee Willie Winkie Trapiche


Now then, I also have some very short sighted friends who have said such kind (and very untrue things)!  lol  I've sent them all a voucher for Specsavers but bless them, this is who they've compared to me.  I love them all!

Blonde comparisons


Actually I can't wait until my hair starts growing back and thickening up because searching for photos of Brigitte Neilson I found a great haircut and I really hope that I can get mine like this (although I really don't want to be draped round Sylvest Stallone)!:

Brigitte Neilson 1

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