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Most breast cancers are detected by the person themself, by detecting a lump or noticing a change in their breast.  If you find a lump DO NOT IGNORE IT.  Delaying seeing a Doctor by even a few weeks can make a big difference.  Would you rather have treatment and be alive OR be scared, put off seeing a Doctor and then be told it's too late????  That may sound blunt/harsh but it's a reality.

Some breast cancers can't be felt and are detected by mammogram only - like mine.  I couldn't feel a lump - nothing at all.  There were no indications that I had cancer, although in hindsight, I'd been quite tired for a few months and also wasn't feeling quite myself.  Could that have been the cancer?  I don't know.  If it hadn't been for the routine mammogram though, I wouldn't be here to tell the tale.

I know mammograms are not the most pleasant things on earth BUT it's 5 minutes of having your boob squished and that 5 minutes could save your life.


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