Why Project Breast Cancer?

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Welcome to my first blog!!!

You may be wondering why I decided to launch this website and if I'm honest I'm not sure!  The idea started when I was telling somebody about my journey and explained how much I'd Googled and got myself thoroughly confused.  The information I found most interesting and helpful were actually blogs by "real people" going through cancer but these were normally blogs and so didn't have the general information that I needed.  So I guess that's why I decided to do it.

Finding a name was a trauma!  All the good names were taken and I was left with Team Breast Cancer (but that sounded like I wanted to join the team rather than fight it!) or Project Breast Cancer and I suppose I've looked at this like a project so it seemed to fit better.

Funniy enough, I was having my blood taken today and looked at the Nurses and wondered what they would think about it?  I may confess and ask them to have a look!!!!!

In the meantime, I'd love to know if there's anything you'd like included on the website or if there's anything you think is portrayed incorrectly or needs adding.  Let me know and I'll happily look at all suggestions.

Keep well, Michele x

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  1. Michele Trapiche

    Sharon - thank you for the huge compliment and I'm so glad that you've found my website useful. I so admire ladies who go bald (or flat) and are proud. I hope your treatment has finished now and you're doing well. I really appreciate your lovely comments - thank you so much. Michele xxx

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  2. Sharon Burns

    What a fantastic web site you have created. I had ovarian cancer in 1998. I am one of those people that once diagnosed, I wasn't worried. In August 2014 at the age of 51, I had my first mammogram. They found an abnormality in the breast tissue. I got upset & worried. When told what the diagnoses was, I relaxed & stopped worrying. First was chemotherapy ( they were waiting for BRCA test results, NORMAL). Followed by lumpectomy & lymph node clearance. Then radiotherapy. I also had the guide wire & blue dye. ( that was 18 June 2015) still have my smurfette today (28/09/16) although fading. Loved my hair, but found a side to me that I didn't know existed when I went bald. (I loved it). No wig or hat/scarves for me. After my rambling, what I want to say is - I wish there had been a site like yours when I was diagnosed that is clear & to the point. No medical jargon that the brain doesn't understand. It is clear & to the point. No airs & graces & down to earth. Your site should be a link on the NHS breast cancer pages. Xxxx

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